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Are you tired? Do you feel stressed or anxious? Do you experience gut issues?

I’m here to help.

As a degree-qualified Naturopath and Personal Trainer, my mission is to help you restore not only your baseline health, but the sense of wellbeing that makes you wake up each day calm and invigorated. I hold consultations in Melbourne and via phone/Skype, which involve thorough investigation into the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Spreading the Knowledge

Treat Your Body Like a Temple

With a Bachelor of Health Science and a Certificate IV in Fitness under my belt, I’ve set out to teach people about their health and wellbeing. Why? Because quite simply, the combination of Naturopathy and getting serious about my fitness changed my life, and I find it incredibly fulfilling to watch this shift in my clients. Under Naturopathic care, I learned that treating my body as my temple would empower me to feel the best I could in every aspect of my life, physically and emotionally.

I Love Exercising

Walking my talk around Melbourne

If I’m not at the clinic, you can find me walking my talk around Melbourne. I love exercising, as it makes me feel strong, determined and at peace. My absolute favourite thing to do in this life is teach Les Mills Body Attack – come to one of my classes and find out why! I love people – listening to their stories and sharing mine. I love to laugh – you can probably hear mine from down the street. I love to read, but mostly journal articles and other health blogs because that’s my thing. I love cooking healthy food without a recipe – sometimes wildly successful and other times not so much.

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